Success in Madagascar!

The AEP training team travelled to Madagascar in November 2019 to demonstrate, develop, train and expand the user base. This trip was highly successful as 11 organisations committed to the initiative and a few more arrived unexpectantly – those attending included the registering body and voluntary associations representing most engineering disciplines.

Alice Marks and Gaelle Elisha represented the Royal Academy and delivered the opening speech, outlining the vision of the academy. They were delighted to make the connection with the engineering community in Madagascar and the president of L’Ordre des Ingénieurs de Madagascar, Mamy RABENANAHARY also expresses delight that the Royal Academy of Engineering selected Madagascar as the host of their Frontiers of Engineering workshop!

A demo platform was assembled for training, and preliminary websites were set up for each institution with generalised content that would be suitable for all institutions. 

Subsequent to the training, the demo sites were removed and work began on the preliminary sites to update and finalise them to a point where they could be published. The number of successful sites launched is increasing and additional institutions have since made contact with us to take part in our initiative!