AEP Portal Privacy Policy


Welcome to the SAICE Professional Development and Projects’ website.

The company is committed to protecting the privacy of the users of the website and recognises that maintaining your trust requires transparency and accountability in how the company handles your personal information.

In the course of business, the company may need to collect and use personal information as part of its service to you. Anyone from whom the company collects such information can expect that it will be lawfully protected as far as reasonably possible and that any use of this information is subject to consent, as required in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 (POPIA).


The company refers to the following terms:

  • “company” means SAICE Professional Development and Projects (SAICE-PDP)
  • “personal information” means all information relating to an identifiable, living, natural person
  • “operators” means a person who processes personal information for a responsible party in terms of a contract or mandate without coming under the direct authority of that party.

The company may collect personal information in conducting its business. In processing such personal information, the company ensures that it complies with the provisions of POPIA, and personal information is used for legitimate purposes relating to the capacity building activities, including mentoring, support, projects, training or events in which you may participate.

Confidentiality of your personal information is important to us, and we will not sell your personal information to others. The company will not, except where otherwise required by law, disclose your personal information without your consent.


All personal information retained on the company’s databases, including such information obtained using its website or online portal platforms, is in accordance with the retention provisions set out in the laws and regulations of South Africa, including those set out in POPIA.

We retain your personal information for as long as reasonably necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected and to comply with laws and your consent to such purpose, remains valid even after termination of our relationship with you.


It is important to note that you have rights in relation to your personal information. You have the right to contact the company at any time to ask the company to confirm that it holds your personal information and provide you access to any records containing your personal information or a description of the personal information that the company has in its possession about you. When you make a request regarding your personal information, the company will take reasonable steps to confirm your identity.

The company aims to ensure that your personal information is accurately recorded. If you are of the view that any personal information that the company holds about you is incorrect, including that it is inaccurate, irrelevant, outdated or incomplete you can ask the company to correct it. If you believe that any personal information that the company holds about you is excessive or has been unlawfully obtained, you can ask the company to destroy or delete it. You may do the same if you think that the company has retained it for longer than necessary, given the purpose.


The company takes security and the protection of personal information seriously and maintains technical, and organisational safeguards to protect any data that we collect. The company is committed to working with its operators to protect the security of personal information during any transfer to or from us. The company ensures security of the personal information in its possession by means of cloud back-up, fire-wall technology, laptop disk encryption and antivirus software.


We use cookies to help us provide you with a personalised service, and to help make our website function better. No personal or sensitive information is stored in cookies, which are used to track aggregate usage of our site for analytics purposes, and to maintain login sessions between pages. You may configure your browser to restrict or block cookies, however if you disable cookies, you may find this affects your ability to use certain parts of our website or portal effectively.


The company website may offer links to third-party websites for registering for training courses. Operators of linked websites may also collect your personal information (including information generated using cookies) when you link to their websites. If you follow a link to any of these websites, it is important to note that these have their own privacy policies and that the company does not accept any responsibility or liability for these websites. It is important for you to familiarise yourself with their privacy policies before providing your personal information.


The company reserves the right to modify this policy in accordance with POPIA amendments.